Electrician Courses

Electricians learn about AC/DC fundamentals, AC/DC circuits, single and three phase systems, domestic and industrial wiring and installation, measuring techniques; transformers, AC/DC motor connections, their rewinding, servicing and troubleshooting; AC/DC generators, Electrician appliances, batteries, panel boards, earthing, lightning arrestors, basics of power distribution etc. Sufficient practical along with theory is the main feature of this course.Basic Electronics has also been included in the syllabus due to the increasing use of electronic devices in motor control and other Electrician equipment.


There is vast demand for I.T.I. Electricians. The Electrician Craftsman can work in Govt. Sector and Private Industries as a lineman, Wireman, maintenance electrician, Electrician supervisor, Electrician contractor, service technician, expert re-winder of motors, lab technician, Electrician maintenance Forman etc.

Options for self-employment

He can be a contractor of domestic wiring and industrial wiring. He shall be able to run his own Electrician workshop and take up oil filtration of transformer on lines; setup own shop for rewinding of different types of AC/DC motors, generator & transformers, Panel board wiring, bus bar wiring and measuring instrument wiring. To download syllabus click here –Syllabus ELECTRICIAN Course Description

Duration : 2 years

Entry Qualification : Minimum Class 10th Pass

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