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Mata Anari Devi Pvt. ITI Year Of Establishment 2014 under the Employability Development Cell Educational & Charitable Trust. which was popular by Name of Employability Development Cell(EDC) since 2014, Since then, we would have technical courses. and now we provide NCVT, Govt. of India approved ITI Course. We are trusty by Name Employability Development Cell Educational & Charitable Trust. We are Establishment an Industrial Training Institute by name Mata Anari Devi Pvt. ITI, We believe in Technical Education.


W hen it comes to vision , Mata Anari Devi Private ITI too has a vision rather a goal to achieve. We aims to become ranked one Industrial Training Institute in West Bengal rather in India through quality education and training. This way we aims to add value to the society and country by providing well skilled and learned men power.

Mata Anari Devi Private ITI also aims to encourage entrepreneurship among its students so that they become self employed and also can make themselves a future employer thus making a strong resistance towards unemployment.

Last but not the least , Mata Anari Devi Private ITI aims to develop character and moral in its trainee and make themselves well skilled so that they can contribute the nation with their work.

Thus Mata Anari Devi Private ITI aims to serve the nation through Technical Education and Skill Development.


O ur mission is nothing but your dream that you often wish to be fulfilled. Yes indeed , we make your dream come true through proper guidance and training. Our modern industry oriented Workshops and standardized training helps you to acquire and grab all the requisite knowledge and skill to meet the modern industry requirement.

We also focus on building soft skills among the students through proper and adequate interaction with them and allowing themselves to express their minds thus creating scope of innovation.

This way , with the available modern facilities Mata Anari Devi Private ITI makes its trainee a ready to go product for the global market.

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